Tuesday May 21, 2019

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MANZINI- The woman who stole a child at the Raleigh Fitikin Memorial (RFM) Hospital has been sentenced to two year imprisonment.

The woman appeared before Manzini Magistrate where she was given an option of E2000 fine for her awful act. She could not tell the court as to what led her into stealing the child, instead she said it was a mistake and she has nothing more to say about the matter.

It all happened on the 05th March 2013 when Thobile (not her real name) met Sindi (not her real name) at the maternity ward at RFM hospital. They

quickly made friendship as they shared their experiences throughout the pregnancy. Both of them were on labour and they were expecting a child any time. They spent the night together until the time when Thobile had to be attended to by the nurses as she was giving birth.

She spent the night cuddling Sibong’nkosi and longing for the next day to take her bundle of joy home to celebrate with her family. The next day she was discharged and while she was clearing some debt with the hospital Sindi came to her and she congratulated, telling her that she was still in labour and the nurses had told her it was not yet time.

“She asked me to give her my child so that she may have a closer look and I gave her without suspecting that she was up to something. As I was busy with other things she vanished into the thin air and I did not panic. I thought she had decided to take a walk and it never crossed my mind that she could steal my child,” she said.

Sindi was seen walking out of the hospital through the main gate, heading to the bus rank and she was confronted by another woman who asked her where she was taking the child to and her reply was that she taking Bong’nkosi to the bus rank to his where his parents.

Moment later, Thobile released that something was wrong and she decided to report the matter to the police who launched an investigation. Heading the investigation was Constable Ndzinisa who traced the suspect back to the time when she arrived at the hospital complaining of abdominal pains.

Investigations led the police to Mahlaleni where they found the suspect cuddling the stolen baby. Sindi’s mother told the police that her daughter came with t6eh child the previous day and she told her that the baby belong to another woman who asked her to have they child because they were not seeing eye to eye with the father of the child. The mother did not know that the child was stolen.

Sindi was taken to the police station where she was charged with an offence of kidnapping and she was taken to court where she was sentenced to two years imprisonment with an option of E2000 fine.

Thobile could not hide her joy as she was reunited with her bundle of joy. She said she is thankful to the Police for the wonderful work they did for her.

“I was shocked when they came back to me within 24 hours to report that they have found the child. It was really heartwarming and I would like to thank the police for such a high standard of professionalism and commitment they displayed when working on this matter,” she said.

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